Credit Card * Cash On Delivery

* We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. All international shipments fall under customs clearance. The maximum order amount which is not subject to customs duty is 200 euros. The amount is determined by Tommy Hilfiger in accordance with the customs legislation of Russia. The amount includes the cost of goods and delivery. If the order amount exceeds 200 (two hundred) euros and / or the order weight exceeds 31 (thirty one) kg, the buyer pays a customs duty of 15% (fifteen) percent or a minimum of 2 (two) euros for excess weight / cost of the parcel.

*Customs rules and their application are determined solely by the customs authorities, and neither PVH nor PSK have any influence on them. Therefore, customer inquiries should be directed and can only be resolved at the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

During the payment process Hilfiger Stores BV has the right to perform credit checks. Based on the outcome of credit checks we may change, adjust or decline an order and/or the selected payment method.

In most cases we will offer you the option to select another payment method. The credit results are not known to our customer service team.