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General terms and conditions

Клуб Hilfiger

1. The Hilfiger Club – General rules of membership

1.1 Membership of The Hilfiger Club is reserved for private individuals aged 18 years and over and who are resident of the participating countries listed at www.thehilfigerclub.com (the “Participating Countries”) and any other country that shall be added thereto from time to time.

1.2 The Hilfiger Club card is strictly personal; only the individual registered as the card holder can obtain the benefits connected to the card and cannot transfer these benefits.

1.3 To become a member of The Hilfiger Club, the registration form must be completed in full.

1.4 Registration can be completed and submitted after purchase in selected Tommy Hilfiger stores in the Participating Countries, or – in selected countries – after purchase online at www.tommy.com . Please visit www.thehilfigerclub.com for an overview of the participating stores.

1.5 Tommy Hilfiger reserves the right to refuse membership to any person not meeting the criteria laid down in these conditions.

1.6 Membership may be cancelled at any time by sending a message to thehilfigerclub@tommy.com .

1.7 All applicants for The Hilfiger Club are deemed to have read and accepted these general terms and conditions, which are also available in store, on www.thehilfigerclub.com, via email at thehilfigerclub@tommy.com.

1.8 These general terms and conditions may be subject to change.

1.9 Members will be responsible for any loss or theft of The Hilfiger Club card and should notify Tommy Hilfiger at thehilfigerclub@tommy.com , as soon as possible.

2. Countries of validity

The Hilfiger Club Card is currently valid in selected Tommy Hilfiger stores in the Participating Countries, and in selected countries on www.tommy.com . Please visit www.thehilfigerclub.com for an overview of participating stores. Prospective members must provide proof of residence to qualify for membership of The Hilfiger Club.

3. Data Protection

3.1 All personal data gathered through the membership of The Hilfiger Club will be used and exchanged solely for The Hilfiger Club communications purposes and direct mailings in relation to Tommy Hilfiger products and events.

3.2 Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V. is responsible for the processing of personal data of members of The Hilfiger Club according to the applicable national data protection acts. All the data and information received is sent and processed by/on behalf of Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V. in Europe. However, in order to enable The Hilfiger Club membership benefits to apply equally in Europe as in the USA, under such limited circumstances where personal data is processed outside of Europe in the USA, personal data may be processed on behalf of Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V. by PVH Corp. the parent company of Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V., which entered into a data processing agreement (including EU Model Clauses) with Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V. in order to comply with European data protection requirements.

3.3 If members have questions about The Hilfiger Club, or no longer wish to be contacted for direct marketing purposes, or would like to access or modify any personal data, members should send a message to:

Кому: Клуб Hilfiger
Postbus 56711
1040 AS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email: thehilfigerclub@tommy.com

3.4 For more information our data privacy policy, please visit http://ru-en.tommy.com/Terms-Conditions/CS_TERMSCONDITIONS,en_RU,pg.html#PRIVACY_SECURITY_POLICY

4. Benefits

Membership of The Hilfiger Club gives right to certain benefits and promotions. Members will be notified of upcoming and/or running benefits and promotions, as the case may be, unless they have indicated that they do not want to receive any of these notifications. Upcoming and running benefits and promotions can also be found at www.thehilfigerclub.com.

5. Miscellaneous

Tommy Hilfiger reserves the right to withdraw running benefits and promotions at any time. The Hilfiger Club card is never exchangeable for cash and never gives right to cash.

6. Governing Law

These general terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes arising out of or relating to these general terms and conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

(© 2014, Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V)